Agendas for each regular meeting are posted on this website as well as on the bulletin board at the municipal building. Agenda items may be added, deleted or changed right up until the start of each meeting therefore, this agenda may not reflect the most recent revisions. Official copies of agendas may be obtained by contacting the VTMUA office.

Agenda: February 15, 2018

Note: This meeting will take place downstairs in the senior center.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Statement of Compliance
  3. Salute to the Flag
  4. Appointments—Swear-In Members
  5. Roll Call of Members
  6. Roll Call of Professionals
  7. Election of Officers
  8. Public Comments
  9. Consent Agenda
    1. Resolution 18-08: Resolution Designating the Official Newspaper for 2018
    2. Resolution 18-09: Resolution Listing the Schedule of Meetings for 2018 through February 2019
    3. Resolution 18-10: Resolution Establishing the Authority to Spend Funds and Sign Checks
    4. Resolution 18-11: Resolution Adopting the 2017 VTMUA Rules and Regulations and the Commissioners’ Handbook as Amended, during 2017, as the 2018 Rules, Regulations and Handbook for 2018
    5. Resolution 18-12: Resolution Appointment for Professional Services—Auditor
    6. Resolution 18-13: Resolution Appointment for Professional Service—Engineer
    7. Resolution 18-14: Resolution Appointment for Professional Services—Attorney
    8. Resolution 18-15: Resolution Authorizing the Award of Professional Services Contracts and the Advertising of Same
    9. Resolution 18-16: Resolution Authorizing the Hiring of a Contractor for 2018 as Recording Secretary
    10. Resolution 18-17: Resolution Creating a Fee for Dishonored Checks
    11. Resolution 18-18: Authorizing the Payment of Nondiscretionary Bills Less Than $500.00
    12. Resolution 18-19: Resolution Authorizing the Payment of Regulated Bills
    13. Resolution 18-20: Resolution to Adopt the Cash Management Plan for 2018
    14. Resolution 18-21: Resolution Approving Membership in the American Environmental Association
    15. Resolution 18-22: Resolution Approving an Inter-Local Agreement with the Township of Vernon for a Licensed Operator and Field Staff from the DPW to Manage and Maintain the Vernon Sewer Collection System
  10. Other Resolutions
    1. Resolution 18-23: Resolution Authorizing the Payment of Bills for February 15, 2018
    2. Resolution 18-24: Resolution Authorizing Addendum to Executive Director’s Contract for Health Benefits Wavier
  11. Approval of Minutes
    1. Regular Meeting of December 21, 2017
    2. Regular Meeting of January 18, 2018
  12. Receipt and Filing of Correspondence
    1. None
  13. Auditor’s Report
  14. Attorney’s Report
  15. Engineer’s Report
  16. Executive Director’s Report
  17. Commissioners’ Comments
  18. Chairman’s Comments
  19. Executive Session
    1. Motion to Enter Executive Session for Legal Matters after Which Formal Action May Be Taken
    2. Motion to Close the Executive Session and Return to the Regular Meeting
    3. Motion to Reopen the Regular Meeting for the Purpose of Taking Official Action and Adjournment
  20. Motion to Adjourn