Minutes: October 24, 2019

1. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

2. Statement of Compliance: Read

3. Salute to the Flag

4. Roll Call of Members:

Present - Angela Erichsen, Tom Buchney, John Perry, Dave McDermott Absent - Ed Seger, Paul Kearney, Kristin Wheaton

5. Pronouncement of a Quorum: There are 4 members present for a quorum.

6. Roll Call of Professionals:

Present - Matt Biagini

Absent - Richard Wenner, Ceren Aralp, Robert McNisch

7. Public Comment: Motion was made to open the meeting to the public. Motion made by Dave McDermott, and seconded by John Perry. All commissioners in favor - yes

Seeing no members of the public present for comment, a motion was made by the Dave McDermott, and seconded by Angela Erichsen to close the public session. All commissioners in favor - yes

8. Consent Agenda: Resolution 19-35 Payment of October Bills - Motion made to approve by Dave McDermott, and seconded by Tom Buchney. All commissioners in favor - yes.

9. Other Resolutions: None

10. Approval of Minutes: Tabled. Roll Call of Members - All in favor.

11. Correspondence - None

12. Auditor Report: Auditor was not present

13. Attorney’s Report: Attorney not present

14. Engineer’s Report: Engineer not present, but there is an application for approval for Thaiphoon Restaurant, an 88 seat establishment at 5 Church Street. The application is still in progress.

15. Executive Director’s Report: Matt Biagini is adjusting well to the new position and stated that the municipal building employees were very helpful with questions. Hours of operation for DPW personnel providing VTMUA coverage has been reduced to 40 hours per week. Mr. Biagini stated that the force main easements will need to be landscaped for easier inspection, and that he has been making field inspections of the facilities and staff. Pump #2 at Pump Station #3 was pulled, cleared and replaced.

16. Commissioner’s Comments: Dave McDermott explained that the issue regarding the Vernon VFW has been discussed and resolved with the post commander, and that a new application will be submitted. Mr. McDermott also asked about the status of the letter to the council president regarding comments made in reference to the VTMUA audit. The letter has not yet been drafted.

17. Chairman’s Comments: John Perry stated that a letter will be sent to Council President Jean Murphy requesting an explanation of comments made regarding discrepancies in the audit. Mr. Perry also stated that a budget meeting was held prior to the regular meeting, with Matt Biagini, Chairman Perry and CFO Donelle Bright. The Daily Bean had a question about water softener discharge into the sewer system, and new modems were installed at all of the facilities.

18. Motion to enter Executive Session to Discuss Potential Litigation: None

19. Motion to Close Executive Session: None

20. Motion to Adjourn: Motion made to adjourn the meeting by Tom Buchney and seconded by Dave Mc Dermott. Roll Call of Commissioners - All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.