Minutes: September 19, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 1901 by Chairman Perry.

Roll call of members was taken. Angela Erichsen, Ed Seger, John Perry, Kristin Wheaton, Paul Kearney and Dave McDermott were present. Tom Buchney was absent.

Roll call professionals was taken. Executive Director Matt Biagini, attorney Richard Wenner, and engineer Ceren Aralp were present. Auditor Robert McNinch was absent.

Chairman Perry opened the floor for public comment. Representatives of Block 145 Lot 1.05 and representatives from 5 Church Street introduced themselves to the board. Public comment was closed and the consent agenda/Resolution 19-35 (payment of bills), was adopted upon unanimous vote of the board.

Engineer’s Report:

Ms. Aralp reviewed two new applications. Block 145 Lot 1.05 was recommended no change to the EDU allocation of .75. The board, upon motion by Paul Kearney and a second by Ed Seger, voted unanimously to approve the EDU allocation of .75.

Ms. Aralp then discussed the Block 141.1, Lot 2 (5 Church Street) application and requested additional time and to receive information regarding the appropriate EDU allocation for this use.

Ms. Aralp also discussed the asset management plan and informed the board as she is still waiting on Department _____ Protection to offer feedback on wastewater management plan.

During commissioner’s comments, Paul Kearney stated that Council President Jean Murphy stated during a township council meeting that there were discrepancies with the MUA’s finances. Mr. Kearney inquired as to whether any professionals or anyone on the board were aware of any discrepancies. The answer being negative, the board decided that the chairman would write to Council President Murphy and inquire as to what information she has which would support a statement that the MUA financial statements/accounting was problematic.

At 1921 Paul Kearney made a motion to go on executive session with a second by Dave McDermott to discuss personnel matters. At 1945 the board reconvened regular session at which time the meeting was adjourned.

Executive Session Meeting Minutes for the September 19, 2019 Meeting

The board went into executive session at 1921 to discuss personnel matters. The executive director recommended shortening/reducing the number of hours worked by the township DPW workers on the sewer system as the sewer system, in his opinion, did not require workers 5 days a week. Recommendation was made to explore this avenue and to discuss same with the township. Executive session was ended, and regular session resumed at 1945.