Resolution #12-01: Resolution of the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority Setting Sewer User Rate Pursuant to Section 4.2 of the VTMUA Rules and Regulations

Date of Adoption: March 19, 2012

WHEREAS, the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority was formed and organized to operate Vernon Township’s public sewer system;

WHEREAS, the VTMUA expects the municipal sewer system to be operational in early 2012;

WHEREAS, the VTMUA adopted Rules and Regulations on November 3, 2011;

WHEREAS, at the time of the adoption of the Rules and Regulations, the Authority wanted to conduct more research and analysis concerning the user rate;

WHEREAS, the Authority has received information concerning other municipalities’ rates, the current rates charged to United Water customers, and have received a proposed budget from the auditor;

NOW THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED by the members of the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority that Section 4.2 entitled “Rates” is hereby amended to set the user rate for 2012 at $840.00 per year per EDU.

NOW THEREFORE IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of Board shall keep this resolution in a binder with the adopted Rules and Regulations as an official record of the VTMUA.