Resolution #13-01: Resolution of the Governing Body of the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority Appointing John E. Ursin, Esq. of Schenck Price Smith & King, LLP as Authority Attorney

Date of Adoption: January 24, 2013

WHEREAS John E. Ursin, Esq. has served as the Municipal Attorney;

WHEREAS John E. Ursin was formerly with the law firm of Courter Kobert & Cohen, P.C.;

WHEREAS John E. Ursin has recently transferred his law practice to Schenck Price Smith & King;

WHEREAS Mr. Ursin and his new law firm are qualified to serve as Municipal Attorney;

WHEREAS the governing body desires to continue to award the Municipal Attorney Contract to John E. Ursin;

NOW THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED that effective January 6, 2013 the contract for the Municipal Attorney services is hereby awarded to John E. Ursin of Schenck Price Smith & King contingent upon the execution of an appropriate contract at the same terms as the previous year and all of the required business disclosures and pay-to-play documents.