Resolution #13-22: Authorization for Payment of Recurring Non-Discretionary Emergent Bills

Date of Adoption: June 6, 2013

WHEREAS, the VTMUA meets once a month;

WHEREAS, there are times that some non-discretionary recurring bills need to be addressed;

WHEREAS, the Commissioners of the VTMUA believe that an expedited bill payment procedure is in the best interest of the functioning of the VTMUA;

NOW THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED that the Commissioners of the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority hereby adopt a bill payment policy as follows:

  1. This policy only applies to recurring non-discretionary emergent bills of less than $500.00.
  2. This policy only applies to bills where the Executive Director recommends payment of the bill and the CFO certifies that funds are available.
  3. Under these circumstances, bills as set forth in this policy may be paid in-between meetings provided that they are authorized by the Chairperson and at least one member of the Finance Committee.
  4. Any bills paid pursuant to this policy must be placed on the next available bills list to be ratified by the full membership of the VTMUA.