Resolution #14-17: Resolution Authorizing Payment of All Regulated Utility Bills of Less Than $1,000.00 Prior to Formal Approval

Date of Adoption: February 20, 2014

WHEREAS, the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority has a Shared Services Agreement with Vernon Township Finance Office to process and pay bills: and

WHEREAS, the usual procedure is to process bills and present them to the VTMUA Commissioners prior to the bills being paid: and

WHEREAS, there have been a number of circumstances where utility bills are due before they can be presented to the VTMUA for approval; and

WHEREAS, this has the potential to create late fees and possibly even shut-offs; and

WHEREAS, the utility bills are quite standard and the VTMUA commissioners believe that they could be paid on a regular basis without presentation to the VTMUA;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the VTMUA FINANCE OFFICER is authorized to pay all regulated utility bills of less than $1,000 prior to presentation to the VTMUA Commissioners for formal approval provided that the list of utility bills is then presented to the VTMUA Commissioners for ratification at the next available meeting.