Resolution #15-12: Authorizing a Contract for 2015-2016 for Recording Secretary

Date of Adoption: February 26, 2015

WHEREAS, there exists a need for the Authority to have a recording secretary for the year 2015-2016; and

WHEREAS, the authority desires to enter into a contract with Jessi Paladini for a term February 2015-2016 at a rate of $15.00 per hour; and

Now THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Vernon Municipal Utilities Authority, County of Sussex, State of New Jersey that:

  1. The authority is authorized to enter into a contract with Jessi Paladini for 2015-2016 for recording secretary.
  2. The chairman and the clerk are hereby authorized and directed to execute the attached contract with Jessi Paladini.

A copy of this resolution shall be published in the New Jersey Herald by the utilities authority as required by law and a true copy of same and the contract shall be available for inspection in the office the utilities authority.