Resolution #15-03: Resolution Setting the Sewer Rates For 2015

Date of Adoption: January 15, 2015

WHEREAS, adequate notice of this rate hearing has been provided to the public and the press. The notice was published in the New Jersey Herald on Friday December 26, 2014 and was posted on the bulletin board in the municipal building in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A. 10:4-6., and

WHEREAS, all those present having an opportunity to be heard, and

WHEREAS, the VTMUA is required to have a balanced budget,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the proposed sewer rates published on December 26, 2014 and listed below are hereby adopted as the sewer rates for 2015.

Cost of 1 EDU is $900.00 annually.

This results in:

  • 1 bedroom unit, which is .6 of an EDU being $540.00 annually or $135.00 quarterly
  • 2 bedroom unit which is .8 of an EDU being $720.00 annually or $180.00 quarterly
  • 3 or more bedroom unit is 1 EDU or $900.00 annually and $225.00 quarterly