Resolution #16-38: Resolution of Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority Endorsing to the Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority, Block 141, Lot 13.01 and Block 148, Lot 5 as a Hardship Application

Date of Adoption: May 19, 2016

WHEREAS, Block 141, Lot 13.01 and Block 148, Lot 5 (“Properties”) are situated within the sewer service area of the Township of Vernon; and

WHEREAS, the properties were not previously connected to this sewer as required under the VTMUA rules and regulations; and

WHEREAS, the owner of the properties agreed to connect to the sewer service and has paid the connection fee due and owing to the VTMUA; and

WHEREAS, the owner lacks sufficient funds to also pay the connect fee to the SCUMA; and

WHEREAS, SCUMA has advised the owner of the properties that it will consider granting a hardship waiver for its connection fees but only upon an endorsement via resolution of the application for the hardship deferral from the VTMUA.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the commissioners of the VTMUA, the application of a hardship waiver for connection fees payable to SCUMA for Block 141, Lot 13.01 and Block 148, Lot 5 is hereby endorsed and recommended.