Resolution #16-45: Resolution Approving the Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposal for the Operation and Maintenance of the Vernon Township Municipal Sewer Collection System and Authorizing the Advertisement of Same

Date of Adoption: November 3, 2016

WHEREAS the VTMUA was informed by the Township of Vernon that they wish to terminate early the interlocal services agreement they have with the VTMUA for the operation and maintenance of the sewer collection system; and

WHEREAS Vernon Township notified us of their intent in accordance with the contract; and

WHEREAS Vernon Township has agreed to provide the month of January 2017 as a period of transition, it is in the best interest of the VTMUA to explore other avenues to secure staff for the operation and maintenance of the Vernon sewer system as soon as possible to meet the January 2017 transition period; and

WHEREAS one of the avenues to be explored is securing the services needed by a contract with an outside provider through a request for qualifications and a request for proposal;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the professional staff of the VTMUA has created a “REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS and the REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL” that the VTMUA board has approved and authorized the advertisement of in order to secure the proper resources to operate and maintain the Vernon sewer collection system.