Resolution #17-43: Resolution of the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority Adopting a Job Description for the Position of Executive Director and a Standard for Performance Evaluation of the Position

Date of Adoption: October 19, 2017

WHEREAS, the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority (“VTMUA”) currently employs an Executive Director; and

WHEREAS, the Commissioners of the VTMUA desire to establish the duties and responsibilities associated with the position of Executive Director; and

WHEREAS, the Commissioners of the VTMUA desire to establish a standard for the evaluation of the performance of the Executive Director; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Commissioners of the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority the adoption of the following job description and responsibilities for the position of Executive Director attached hereto as “Schedule A.”

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Commissioners of the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority the adoption of the procedure for performance evaluation of the Executive Director and the Performance Evaluation Form attached hereto as “Schedule B.”

Schedule A: Job Description Executive Director

POSITION SUMMARY: The executive director will be the chief executive officer of the authority.

He/she will administer all policy decisions established/rendered by the board of commissioners and amend existing policies and/or institute new policies after said policies have been approved by the full board. The executive director will be in charge of all personnel (either directly or functionally managed; the latter is especially important since the VTMUA’s financial, bookkeeping, collections and field support for the sewer collection system is provided by Vernon Township through an Inter-local service agreement). The executive director will have the right to hire or terminate employees, subject to approval of the board of commissioners.

His/her duties, rights and benefit are governed by contract. To the extent that any policy created conflicts with the written contract, the contractual terms will prevail. He/she will be entitled to all benefits enumerated in the contract and policy.


  1. Will carry out the terms of the inter-local agreement abiding by Township of Vernon personnel manual and any union agreements that are in place.
  2. Will carry out the day to day affairs of the authority.
  3. Will perform all of the duties and obligations required by the authority pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:14A-1 et seq. and amendments and supplements thereto.
  4. Will manage the licensed operator to ensure all operational procedures required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection are carried out.
  5. Will be responsible for preparing and proposing a budget for the authority’s consideration in conjunction with the authority’s CFO.
  6. Responsible for the direct management of the purchasing function and the indirect management of accounts payable, accounts receivable, collections and administrative support functions provided by the township through the inter-local services agreement.
  7. Responsible for providing quality customer service to customers, attorneys, realtors and government entities.
  8. Will annually work with the CFO to prepare all of the information needed for the authority to consider changes in its rates pursuant to R.S. 0:14A-8 et seq.
  9. Will attend all meetings of the authority including committee meetings as required. Will see to it that all the necessary information needed by the committee is prepared.
  10. Will keep the board apprised of all projects undertaken by the authority (operational, administrative, technical, or construction).
  11. Will report to the commissioners administrative and fiscal matters occurring since previous meeting.
  12. Will represent the authority at governmental meetings and other such conferences necessary and relevant to efficient administration and operation of the sewer collection system.
  13. Will represent to the public the authority’s posture on all matters in which the authority adopts a public position. Will be the source of information relative to all media and will be responsible for all press releases and subsequent questions/answers as may arise.
  14. Will provide to the commissioners periodic reports, including informational material and documents as may be required for policy making by the commissioners.
  15. Will be entitled to the same reimbursement of authorized expenses, and per diem allowances, as the authority commissioners.
  16. Perform such other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the authority.

Schedule B: Executive Director Performance Evaluation Form

As with any other employee evaluation, executive director evaluations should focus on both what the ED has achieved as well as how the ED operates. This sample evaluation form will help you do that.

The Executive Director Performance Review form consists of three parts:

  1. The “what”: To what extent is the ED leading the organization to accomplish what it should be accomplishing? Is the ED leading the organization to deliver results in the short- and longer-term?
  2. The “how”: To what extent is how the ED is leading consistent with our values, and our beliefs about what skills the ED needs in order to be effective?
  3. The “what next”: Moving forward, what are the implications of this review in terms of ED tenure, areas in which the ED should continue performing well, and areas in which the ED should improve?

The board and ED should agree at the start of the year on the most important goals for the organization. The first section of the review focuses on the extent to which the organization achieved those goals. (In cases where unforeseen opportunities or challenges arose during the year that were not captured in the initial goals, they should be added here as well.)

This section focuses on values that all employees are expected to demonstrate, and which the ED should model, as well as competencies that are key to the ED position in particular.

This section summarizes performance for the year and identifies overall areas of strength, areas for improvement, and next steps.

The ED should fill this form out as a self-assessment, and then the board will use this form to complete the final evaluation, taking into account relevant data on the organization’s progress against goals, as well input from the staff, fellow board members, and the ED’s own self-evaluation.