Resolution #18-22: Resolution Establishing Interlocal Services Agreement with the Township of Vernon for the Services of Department of Public Works Employees to Manage and Maintain the Vernon Sewer Collection System

Date of Adoption: February 15, 2018

This agreement, effective the 1st day of February, of the year 2017, is made by and between the Township of Vernon, a municipal corporation of the State of New Jersey (“Township”) and the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority, a municipal utilities authority established pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:14B-1 et seq. (“VTMUA”).

The township and the VTMUA, each in consideration of the agreements on the part of the other set forth below, agree as follows:

  1. Description of Services Provided. The township shall provide VTMUA with DPW services to perform the following services, as well as equipment and tools necessary to accomplish said services:
    1. Provide a licensed individual who will be the licensed operator of record with the DEP for the Vernon Township sewer collection system
    2. The licensed operator and one additional DPW member will make up the VTMUA field staff
    3. This field staff will be responsible maintenance and upkeep of sewer system which includes:
      • Operating and safety policies and procedures
      • Pump station inspections and run time recording (twice weekly);
      • Lift station inspections (once weekly)
      • Inspection of all equipment to insure it is running properly and when it is not to effectuate action that will repair the problem as soon as possible to get it to run properly
    4. Exercise the emergency generators weekly to ensure they are in good running order (both stationary and portable generators) and initiate maintenance as required
    5. Responsible for debris and grease removal from pumping stations as needed.
    6. Responsible for the ongoing implementation of the Grease Trap Management Inspection Program and the Quarterly Inspection Program
    7. Provide coverage of the sewer collection system on a 24 by 7 basis minimizing the downtime that may arise from problems, spills and breakdowns that might occur
    8. Responsible for demonstrating good customer service when dealing with the public
    1. Cost of Services. The VTMUA shall pay the township for two DPW workers, both salary and benefits, to work for the VTMUA twenty-eight (28) hours per week per person. One of which will be the licensed operator. These two DPW employees shall work for the township for the remaining 7 hours of their 35 hour week. Which is a total of 14 hours per week that is paid by the VTMUA that is provided to the township. In consideration of this benefit (VTMUA paid fourteen 14 hours per week) the township will provide the VTMUA, at no cost to the VTMUA, personnel and equipment in the event of an emergency, confined space incidents, and a planned major projects. The amount to be paid hourly for these DPW employees will be provided by the township’s finance officer.
    2. Cost of License. The VTMUA will pay the township an additional stipend $700.00 per month which will be given to the C-2 license holder for the use of their license to cover the VTMUA sewer collection system and all reporting, policies and interface necessary with the DEP.
  3. Assurance of Qualified Services. The township shall take all necessary and available measures to ensure that services to the VTMUA hereunder are in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations promulgated by the VTMUA, all applicable ordinances, regulations, statutes, and applicable standards regarding the services that are the subject of this agreement.
  4. Term of Agreement. This agreement shall be retroactive from February 2017 to February 2018 and going forward for February 2018 to February 2019. The township shall have the option of renewing this agreement by sending a notice thereof to the VTMUA by September of 2018.
  5. Review of Agreement. In July of each year that this agreement is in effect, the parties shall review and evaluate the nature and efficiency of the services rendered hereunder and the consideration paid for said services.
  6. Termination. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by providing written notice to the other party by confirmed mail delivery to the other party at each party’s respective municipal building no less than six (6) months prior to the date of termination. Upon termination of this agreement, the township will return all files and records of the VTMUA, in whatever form, to the VTMUA.
  7. Confidentiality of VTMUA Records. Township will maintain VTMUA’s records at the Vernon Township municipal building. Township shall keep all information coming to it concerning the affairs of the VTMUA and its customers, officers, agents, servants, or employees strictly confidential, except as expressly directed by statute.
  8. Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Vernon Township shall provide liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance for all workers providing services to the VTMUA under this agreement. Vernon Township hereby releases and waives any right of indemnification against the VTMUA for any claim directly or indirectly related to the work performed under this agreement.