Resolution #20-34: Authorizing Employment Contract with Howard Lazier as Licensed Operator of Record

Date of Adoption: August 20, 2020

WHEREAS, the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority (the “VTMUA”) desires to employ the services of Howard Lazier as the Licensed Operator of Record of the VTMUA; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Lazier desires to accept employment as the Licensed Operator of Record,

WHEREAS, pursuant to N.J.SA. 40:14B-1, et seq., the Parties agree that it is appropriate to enter into this Agreement in order to define and establish the rights and obligations of the Parties.

NOW, THEREFORE, the VTMUA does hereby employ the services of Howard Lazier as its Licensed Operator of Record; and the Parties, intending to be legally bound, agree that said employment shall be under, and in accord with, the terms and conditions of the Employment Contract set forth in Schedule A, attached.