Resolution #21-17: Resolution Adopting the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority Amended Rules and Regulations and Commissioners Handbook for 2021

Date of Adoption: February 4, 2021

WHEREAS, the Vernon Township Municipal Utilities Authority amends its rules and regulations from time to time; and

WHEREAS, each Resolution amending the Rules and Regulations is kept by the Administrator electronically; and

WHEREAS, it is advisable to incorporate all of the changes into a revised full copy of the Rules and Regulations on a yearly basis; and

WHEREAS, the 2020 Rules and Regulations and the Commissioners Handbook as amended, are adopted as the current full and complete Rules and Regulations of the Vernon Township Municipal Utility Authority and Commissioners Handbook for the year from February 2021 to February 2022,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the recording secretary is directed to keep this Resolution on file until it is incorporated into the VTMUA Rules and Regulations.