Resolution #13-30: Resolution Regarding Payment of the Executive Director’s Contract

Date of Adoption: June 27, 2013

WHEREAS the VTMUA has an independent contractors/consulting contract with the Executive Director;

WHEREAS the contract calls for periodic payments;

WHEREAS the amount of time between MUA meetings causes an issue with processing compensation checks;

WHEREAS the finance department has recommended a resolution creating a master purchase order;

WHEREAS the master purchase order will establish bi-weekly payments of the compensation of $37,000 based upon twenty (20) hours of work per week.

WHEREAS the creation of this master purchase order will authorize the finance department to make payments as described in the previous paragraph;

WHEREAS any hours worked above the 20 hours per week in a given pay period will be submitted to the MUA by a separate purchase order which will appear on the bills list at a VTMUA meeting for approval.

NOW THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED that the master purchase order for the payment of the Executive Director’s compensation as described above is hereby approved and the finance offices authorize to process the payments accordingly.